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Why hire a Web firm?

“Why should I hire a web firm instead of building my own website for free?”

This is a perfectly legitimate question and one that we commonly have to answer when in talks with different businesses and organizations. 

Ultimately it boils down a couple different things:

Great Reading for Designers, Developers & Strategists

Welcome to our constantly updating Insight - Great Reading for Designers, Developers & Strategists (what EvenVision is Reading)

Our team at EvenVision is constantly reading articles on design, development, and strategy from sources throughout the web. We not only love to read and learn but love to share and empower those around us. Therefore we've decided to start compiling a list of all the valuable and actionable articles we've been reading. 

How to use space in UI Design

Wojciech Zielinski – Medium

The Airbnb Tool That’s Changing UI Design

Mark Wilson – Co.Design

Lottie is an incredible software development that translates After Effects animations into code for application on apps and digital tools. It's incredibly simple premise is as earth shattering as its adoption rate by top firms in the industry. It's only been live for 6 months as of this writing but already people have figured out incredible ways to take simple video clips and make complicated strings that simulated UI design interfaces with beautiful animations. 

First Principles for Product Design

Akar Sumset – Medium

Fantastic article that reviews Product Design, and the concepts accompanying the field. It’s as much a resource for design, marketing, and psychology as it is an attempt to compile key resources and related text that defines our current understanding of designing for user based solutions.

Key Points:

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Website Speed

We only get the chance to make a first impression once.

Site speed matters, because speed is the first experience people have with your website, your brand, your company. Site speed is a visitor's first impression, so let’s make sure it’s a good one.

Below we will cover the following: What is site speed? Who cares about site speed?  What can you do to improve it? And how we at EvenVision tackle Site Speed.

Weekly Design Tips

Welcome to our constantly updating Insight - EvenVision Design Tip of the Week.

Each week, our team at EvenVision compiles little tips regarding design that we believe are valuable and actionable for small businesses. But in their simplicity, these design tips are valuable for everyone.

We post all of our Design Tips First on Facebook, and Twitter:

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Remember: We're always posting our Weekly Design Tips first on Facebook and Twitter


To design a new wheel.

(5-10 minute read)

It's likely that you have never been in this position, but I have. I've sat there, just looking at that circular object we lovingly call a wheel and just wished on a star that someone would come around and design a new one. Let's be honest, when was the last time a wheel has ever thrilled you? But why are we talking about wheel? Because it's a fantastic place to start a conversation about design.

What do I want in a Logo?

A guide to selecting a designer and communicating your business’s logo needs.

You own a business, and business is booming! Things are going so well, you find yourself saying: “Now is the time to take action and improve my businesses' brand and identity.” And to do that, you need a logo.

Intro to Typography

Typography has the power to clarify messages, and make them more effective in communicating ideas.


What is typography?

Often in the web and graphic design worlds, typography is used as a catch phrase - a buzz word, but most people have no idea what it means, or why they should care. Consider this a beginner’s guide to Typography, why it matters and how it can help.

Embed-able Entities

This post is a showcase of the power of embedding "stuff" (which we'll call Entities) in the content area of a site. We're always fiddling with the possibilities, so fair warning: this post will typically look a bit messy. :)

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